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     The City of Omaha has the largest concentration of attorneys who practicebankruptcy law in Nebraska. Listed in this section are fifty-seven (57) pages of 112 attorneys. Three of these 113 attorneys (Wesley Bain, Thomas Ashby, Marilyn Abbott) are listed on this page further below.

Information Listed

     Attorneys that are listed in include the following information; name of attorney and law firm, address and contact number, education background including undergraduate and law school attended, date of admission to Nebraska State Bar as well as other state bars.

Bankruptcy Specialists

     Three attorneys are bankruptcy specialists and certified by the American Board of Certification in the state of Nebraska. They include David Hicks (certified in consumer bankruptcy), Francis Skrupa, (certified in consumer bankruptcy), Donald Swanson, (certified in business bankruptcy).

Types of Bankruptcy (Business, Consumer and Municipal)
  • Chapter 7 - Can be filed by individuals, partnerships and corporations. The most common type of bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 9 - Adjustment of debts of a municipality
  • Chapter 11 - Filed by large and small businesses. Individuals filing Chapter 11, are involved in business in some capacity, either as sole proprietors, or as principals of a corporation or partnership
  • Chapter 12 - Adjustment of debts of a family farmer or fisherman
  • Chapter 13 - Available for individuals only, no corporations or partnerships may file
  • Chapter 15 - Bankruptcy, reorganization and insolvency cases that have assets, debtors, creditors, and other interested parties in multiple countries
About Omaha

     The City of Omaha is located in Eastern Nebraska and situated on the Missouri River. It is largest city in the state and the county seat of Douglas County. The City of Lincoln (state capital) is approximately 60 miles (driving distance) from downtown Omaha.

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Nearby Towns and Cities

    The nearby towns and cities of Papillion, Bellevue, Fremont, Plattsmouth, Wahoo and Eagle also have law offices of attorneys who practice bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy Court

     The main office and court for the United States Bankruptcy Court / District of Nebraska is located in Omaha. The address is Roman L. Hruska United States Courthouse, 111 South 18th Plaza, Suite 1125, Omaha NE 68102. The telephone number is 402-661-7444.

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 Marilyn N. Abbott Omaha, NE
 Thomas O. Ashby     "      "
 Wesley H. Bain Jr.      "      "

Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice


Marilyn N. Abbott


Undergraduate School: Unknown
Law School: Unknown


Office of Chapter 13 Trustee
District of Nebraska
Marilyn N. Abbott, Attorney
13930 Gold Circle
Room 201
Omaha, NE 68144-2304
Telephone: (402) 697-0437
Fax: (402) 697-0538

Practice: Douglas County
Nebraska State Bar - Active Member / Date of Admission Unknown


Thomas O. Ashby


Undergraduate School: University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
Law School: University of Michigan Law School - Ann Arbor, Michigan


Baird Holm Law Firm
Thomas O. Ashby, Attorney
1500 Woodmen Tower
1700 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Telephone: (402) 636-8280
Fax: (402) 344-0588

Practice: Douglas County
Nebraska State Bar - Admitted 1984
Iowa State Bar - Admitted 1984
Missouri State Bar - Admitted 2008


Wesley H. Bain Jr.


Undergraduate School: Penn State University - University Park, Pennsylvania
Law School: Case Western Reserve University Law School - Cleveland, Ohio


John T. Turco & Associates
Atty. Wesley H. Bain Jr.
2580 South 90th Street
Omaha, NE 68124
Telephone: (402) 238-1092
Fax: (402) 934-2848

Practice: Douglas County
Nebraska / Iowa State Bar - Active Member / Date of Admission Unknown

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   Discharge of Debts

Bankruptcy Law




Types of Bankruptcy

   Chapter 7

       - Asset Liquidation
       - Chapter 7 Discharge
       - Non-dischargeable
       - Repayment of Debts
   Chapter 9
       - The Debtor
       - Filing Chapter 9

       - Jurisdictional Issues

   Chapter 11

       - Debtor in Possession
       - The Examiner
       - Reorganization/Debtor
       - Chapter 11 Trustee
       - Creditors Committee
       - Finances
       - Filing Lawsuits
       - Creditors' Rights
       - Dismissal/Conversion
       - Selling of Assets
       - Reorganization Plan
       - Plan Procedures
       - Plan Provisions
       - Claims
       - Common Plans
       - Payment of Interest
       - Chapter 11 Attorney
   Chapter 12
       - Qualifications

       - The Discharge
   Chapter 13

      - Advantages
      - Filing Chapter 13
      - Meeting of Creditors
      - Filing Chapter 13 Plan

      - Creditors' Claims
      - Plan Confirmation
      - Order Confirming Plan

      - Appealing OCP
      - Modifying Plan
      - Defaulting
      - Discharge

   Chapter 15

Debt Advice

   Avoiding Bankruptcy

   Debt Consolidation

   Bankruptcy Alternatives

   Life after Bankruptcy

The Court

   US Bankruptcy Courts
       - Nebraska Court

The Trustee
   341 Creditors Meeting
       - Nebraska Trustees
Selecting an Attorney
   Bankruptcy Specialist

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