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Donna Wilkinson (state certified in bankruptcy law) and Seann Tzouvelekas are attorneys who practice bankruptcy law in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Their education, location of practice and contact numbers are included and listed below.

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 Seann Tzouvelekas
Spartanburg, SC
 Donna Wilkinson**          "             "

Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice

Seann Tzouvelekas
Education:Undergraduate School: Unknown
Law School: University of South Carolina School of Law - Columbia, South Carolina
Address:BMW Manufacturing Company
Atty. Seann Gray Tzouvelekas
P.O. Box 11000
Spartanburg, SC 29304
Telephone: (864) 989-6772
Fax: (864) 801-6772
Practice: Spartanburg County
South Carolina State Bar - Admitted 1995


Donna Wilkinson (Dana Wilkinson)**

Education:Undergraduate School: University of South Carolina - Columbia, South Carolina
Law School: University of South Carolina School of Law - Columbia, South Carolina
Address:Dana Wilkinson
Attorney at Law
365-C East Blackstock Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29301
Telephone: (864) 574-7944

Spartanburg County
Georgia State Bar - Admitted 1985
South Carolina State Bar - Admitted 1987
South Carolina Certified Specialist** - State certified in bankruptcy law


South Carolina Certified Specialist**

      Attorneys with two asterisks** after their names (view Donna Wilkinson above), signifies that they are a "South Carolina Certified Specialist" in bankruptcy law. To qualify, the applicant must have at least five years practicing law with substantial involvement in the field of bankruptcy, pass a written and oral exam and have not less than 60 hours of bankruptcy related courses or seminars.

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