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       Two attorneys, Kenneth Manni (Law Firm of Cohen, Manni, Theune & Manni Law Firm) and Jennifer Brainard practice bankruptcy law in Island County and surrounding areas. Both attorneys have their law offices located in the City of Oak Harbor.

Island County and Washington State Bankruptcy

About Island County

       The county is in western Washington State situated on the Puget Sound. The largest city is Oak Harbor and the county seat is Coupeville. Bankruptcy hearings are located in Marysville and Everett. The main office of the US Bankruptcy Court (Western Washington District) is in Seattle.

341 Meetings

       The Meeting of the Creditors (341 Meetings) are located in the City of Everett, approximately 50 miles from Oak Harbor. The address is as follows; Everett Red Cross Building, 2830 Lombard Ave., Boeing Room, 26th Street Entrance, Everett, WA 98201. For more informatuion call the trustee's office in Seattle at (206) 553-2000.

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