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        Julie Vance is the only listed attorney that practices bankruptcy law in Klickitat County. Her practice is located in the City of Goldendale (county seat of Klickitat).

About Klickitat County

       The county is located in south-central Washington and borders the Columbia River. The nearest United States Bankruptcy Court (Eastern Washington District) is in the City of Yakima (70 miles north of Yakima.

Meeting of the Creditors

       The 341 meetings (meeting of creditors) are located in the City of Richland (Richland Federal Building, 825 Jadwin Avenue, Hanford Room #G58, Richland, WA) and Yakima (Yakima Center, 607 East Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA). Contact the Spokane Trustees Office at (206) 553-2000 for more information.

Types of Bankruptcy (Business, Consumer and Municipal)
  • Chapter 7 - Can be filed by individuals, partnerships and corporations. The most common type of bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 9 - Adjustment of debts of a municipality
  • Chapter 11 - Filed by large and small businesses. Individuals filing Chapter 11, are involved in business in some capacity, either as sole proprietors, or as principals of a corporation or partnership
  • Chapter 12 - Adjustment of debts of a family farmer or fisherman
  • Chapter 13 - Available for individuals only, no corporations or partnerships may file
  • Chapter 15 - Bankruptcy, reorganization and insolvency cases that have assets, debtors, creditors, and other interested parties in multiple countries


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 Julie Vance
GoldendaleWillamette University College of Law 

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