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       James Glenn with a law office located in Hamilton, Alabama practices bankruptcy law. More information about this attorney include contact number and law school attended. Also listed is the nearest bankruptcy court that serves this city and the county.

About Hamilton

       The City of Hamilton is located in the northwestern portion of the state and is the county seat of Marion County. The Northern District Bankruptcy Court of Alabama / Western Division in Tuscaloosa serves Hamilton and Marion counties.

Other Attorneys

       Jasper and Tuscaloosa are the nearest cities with law offices of bankruptcy attorneys. The City of Tuscaloosa has the largest concentration of these with a total listing of 24.

Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice

James T. Glenn

Undergraduate School: Unknown
Law School: Cumberland School of Law / Samford University - Birmingham, Alabama


James Tony Glenn
Attorney at Law
164 Bexar Avenue West
Hamilton, AL 35570
Telephone: (205) 921-5000
Fax: (205) 921-9697

Practice: Marion County
Alabama State Bar - Admitted 1987


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