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     The Alabama Middle District Bankruptcy Court is located in Montgomery and is one of three districts in the State of Alabama. Each District handles bankruptcy matters and is part of the Eleventh Circuit Court.

     The Middle District Court is divided into three divisions with the main office (Northern Division) located in the City of Montgomery.

     The other two divisions are located in the cities of Opelika (Eastern Division) and Dothan (Southern Division). The Middle District serves 23 counties in Alabama.

Counties Served by the
Middle District Bankruptcy Court
  Barbour Crenshaw Macon
  Bullock Dale Montgomery
  Butler Elmore Pike
Geneva Randolph
  Chilton Henry Russell
  Coffee Houston Tallapoosa
  Coosa Lee  

Montgomery Court (Northern Division)

     The Montgomery Court is the main office and the Northern Division for the Middle District. Contact information for the Montgomery Court is as follows; Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Federal Courthouse Annex, One Church Street, Room DOr, Montgomery AL 36104 / Telephone: 334-954-3800. The Northern Division serves Autauga, Barbour, Bullock, Butler, Chilton, Coosa, Covington, Crenshaw, Elmore, Lowndes, Montgomery, and Pike counties.


Dothan Court (Southern Division)

         The Dothan Court (Southern Division) serves the counties of Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, and Houston. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Courthouse in Dothan is as follows; Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 100 W. Troy Street, Dothan, AL 36303. The telephone number is 334-954-3800.

Opelika Court (Eastern Division)

     The Opelika Court (Eastern Division) serves the counties of Chambers, Lee, Macon, Randolph, Russell and Tallapoosa counties. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Courthouse and offices in Opelika is as follows; George W. Andrews Federal Building, 701 Avenue A, Opelika, Alabama 36801. The contact number is 334-954-3800.

Please note: The Dothan, Opelika and Montgomery Courthouses are open Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM except designated federal government holidays.


     The Hon. Dwight H. Williams, Jr. is the Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the Middle District Bankruptcy Court. The law clerk for Judge Williams is Laura Schwartz and his judicial assistant is Faye Gregg. The telephone number is (334) 954-3890.

     The other judge is Hon. William R. Sawyer. His contact number is (334) 954-3880. The law clerk for Judge Sawyer is Jerrod Maddox and his judicial assistant is Julia Caro.


Clerk of the Court

     Juan-Carlos Guerrero is the Clerk of the Court for the Middle District. He can be reached at the main number at (334) 954-3800. Doug Young is the Chief Deputy Clerk and his contact number is (334)954-3811.

Judges  / Law Clerks 
  Jerrod Maddox - Law Clerk for Judge William Sawyer
(334) 954-3882
Hon. William R. Sawyer - Bankruptcy Judge
(334) 954-3880
Laura Schwartz - Law Clerk for Judge Dwight H. Williams, Jr.
(334) 954-3892
Hon. Dwight H. Williams, Jr. - Chief Bankruptcy Judge
(334) 954-3890
Linda Bodden - Financial Specialist
(334 )954-3839
  Julia Caro - Judicial Assistant for Judge William Sawyer
(334) 954-3881
  Janet Clark - Financial Administrator
(334) 954-3872
Faye Gregg - Judicial Assistant for Judge Dwight Williams
(334) 954-3891
Juan-Carlos Guerrero - Clerk of Court
(334) 954-3800
Teresa R. Jacobs - Bankruptcy Administrator
(334) 954-3900
Bill Livingston - Courtroom Deputy for Judge Sawyer
(334) 954-3846
Jackie McClain - Courtroom Deputy for Judge Williams
(334) 954-3844
Yvonne Pelham - Case Administration Supervisor
(334) 954-3859
Dianne Segrest - Senior Case Administration /Team Leader
(334) 954-3856
Janice Vance - Courtroom Deputy for Judge Williams
(334) 954-3845
Doug Young - Chief Deputy Clerk
(334) 954-3811


     The names and telephone numbers of the bankruptcy administrators and trustees are listed in the Middle District Bankruptcy Trustees section. The contact number is (334) 954-3900.

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Written by Jack Garchar


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