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     The Alabama Northern District Bankruptcy Court is located in Birmingham and is one of three districts in the State of Alabama. It is part of the US Eleventh Circuit Court and is divided into four divisions, with the main office (Northern Division), located in the City of Montgomery.

     The other three divisions are located in the cities of Anniston (Eastern Division), Tuscaloosa (Western Division) and Decatur (Northern Division). The Northern District serves 30 counties in Alabama.

     The Hon. Thomas Bennett is the Chief Bankruptcy Judge and the Clerk of Court is Scott W. Ford. Listed below is a list of addresses, telephone numbers and names of individuals and courthouses to contact in regards to questions about your case.


Counties Served by the
Northern District Bankruptcy Court
St Clair
De Kalb

Birmingham Court (Southern Division)

     The Birmingham Court is the main office and the Southern Division for the Northern District Bankruptcy Court. Contact information for this Court is as follows; Robert S. Vance Federal Building, 1800 5th Avenue North, Room 120, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 / Telephone: (205) 714-4000 / Fax: Fax: (205) 714-3913 The Southern Division Court serves Blount, Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Anniston Court (Eastern Division)

     The Anniston Court (Eastern Division) serves the counties of De Kalb, Marshall, Cherokee, Etowah, St Clair, Calhoun, Cleburne, Taladega and Clay. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Courthouse in Anniston is as follows; Federal Courthouse, 1129 Noble Street, Room 117, Anniston, Alabama 36201. The telephone number is (256) 741-1500 and Fax: (256) 741-1515. The United States Bankruptcy Judge is the Hon. James J. Robinson.

     A satellite court is also located in Gadsden. The address is U.S. Courthouse, 600 Broad Street, Room 314, Gadsden, AL 35901.

Tuscaloosa Court (Western Division)

     The Tuscaloosa Court (Southern Division) serves the counties of Marion, Winston, Lamar, Fayette, Walker, Tuscaloosa, Bibb, Greene, Pickens and Sumter. Contact information and address for the Courthouse is as follows; Tuscaloosa Federal Courthouse, 1118 Greensboro Avenue, Room 209, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401. The contact number is (205) 561-1600. The Hon. C. Michael Stilson is the US Bankruptcy Court Judge.

     A satellite court is also located in Jasper. The address is; Courthouse Annex, 1801 3rd Avenue, County Commission Meeting Room 111, Jasper, AL 35501.

Decatur Court (Northern Division)

     The Decatur Court (Northern Division) serves Lauderdale, Limestone, Madison, Jackson, Colbert, Franklin, Lawrence, Morgan, Winston and Cullman counties. Contact information for the Courthouse is; Seybourn H. Lynne Federal Building, 400 Well St., Decatur, Alabama 35602 / Telephone: (256) 584-7900. Honorable Jack Caddell is the US Bankruptcy Judge.

     Satellite courts are located in Huntsville and Florence. The Huntsville address is U.S. Courthouse & Post Office, 101 Holmes Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801. The Florence address is; John McKinley Federal Building and US Courthouse, 210 North Seminary St., Second Floor, Florence, AL 35630.


Judges / Law Clerks

     Listed below are the names of the judges and law clerks for this district.

Judges  / Law Clerks 
Judge Thomas Bennett - Chief Bankruptcy Judge - Northern District of Alabama
(205) 714-3880
Paula Bennett-Brown - Law Clerk for Judge Cohen in Birmingham
(205) 714-3865
Hon. Jack Caddell - US Bankruptcy Judge in Decatur
(256) 340-2700
Hon. Benjamin Cohen - US Bankruptcy Judge in Birmingham
(205) 714-3865
  Charles Hall - Law Clerk for Chief Judge Bennett in Birmingham
(205) 714-3880
  Emilie Kraft - Law Clerk for Chief Judge Bennett in Birmingham
(205) 714-3880
Hon. Tamara O. Mitchell - US Bankruptcy Judge in Birmingham
(205) 714-3850
Hon. James Robinson - US Bankruptcy Judge in Anniston
(256) 741-1529
Hon. C. Michael Stilson - US Bankruptcy Judge in Tuscaloosa
(205) 561-1623
  Ramona W. Baker - Judicial Assistant for Judge Robinson in Anniston
(256) 741-1529
  Michelle Bracken - Judicial Assistant for Judge Caddell in Decatur
(256) 340-2700
  Scott W. Ford - Clerk of Court
(205) 714-4002
  Cindy Sullivan - Judicial Assistant for Judge Stilson in Tuscaloosa
(205) 561-1623
  Monica Tabb - Judicial Assistant for Judge Mitchell in Birmingham
(205) 714-3850
  Douglas E. Wedge - Chief Deputy Clerk
(205) 714-4006


     The names and telephone numbers of the bankruptcy administrators and trustees are listed in the Middle District Bankruptcy Trustees section. The contact number is (334) 954-3900.

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Written by Jack Garchar


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