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     In the field of law, many specialties exit. One such specialty is bankruptcy law. Attorneys licensed by a state bar can be certified specialists in creditors' rights, consumer and/or business bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification.Bankruptcy is not only complex to consumers and businesses, but also to the attorney who represents you.

Finding an Attorney

     if you decide to file, finding an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field is paramount. An attorney who is certified by the American Board of Certification (ABC) would be a good beginning in your search.

American Board of Certification (ABC)

     The American Board of Certification (ABC) is sponsored by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI). This nonprofit organization has certified over 1,000 attorneys in business and consumer bankruptcy as well as creditors rights'. This program is also certified by the American Bar Association (ABC). The American Board of Certification is located in Cedar Rapids Iowa (Contact Info - Telephone: 319-365-2222).


About the Program

     According to ABC this "program is designed to recognize lawyers who have met discrete, objective certification standards". Attorneys who may want to be certified must perform a number of rigorous tasks. They include continuing education in the law of bankruptcy and a three part examination.

Continuing Legal Education

     In regards to Continuing Legal Education, an applicant must have at least a minimum of 60 hours prior to taking the exam. No more that thirty hours of Continuing Legal Education may include, writing a book, teaching class courses and/or speaking in seminars. At least thirty hours of the CLE requirement must be satisfied by participation as an attendee at live, in-person CLE programs. The hours must be relevant to the field of bankruptcy.

The Exam

     The applicant is given an exam which is divided into three parts. The three parts are the following;

1). General Bankruptcy Exam - A two-hour examination which is composed of fifty multiple-choice questions about law issues in the bankruptcy field.
2). Ethics Exam - The applicant is given four questions and must answer two of the four in essay form within one hour.
3). Subsection Exam - Whatever the certification that the applicant is applying for, the examiner will provide three questions in that particular field and the applicant must answer two of the three in three hours written in essay form.

     If you do decide to hire an attorney certified by this organization, I am sure you are in capable hands.

Other Sponsored Programs

     A number of states have accredited programs sponsored by the state bar that are similar to the American Board of Certification. Some of the state sponsored programs include;

New Mexico Certified Bankruptcy Specialist - Consumer and business

South Carolina Certified Specialist - Bankruptcy/Debtor-Creditor Law


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