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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  - Chapter 7 "Means Test"
  - Filing the Petition and Schedules
  - The Automatic Stay
  - Credit Counseling Course Required
  - Repeat or Serial Filings

Asset Liquidation
  - Keeping Certain Property by Claiming it as "Exempt"
  - Trustee "Churning" is Prohibited
  - "Asset" vs. "No Asset" Cases
  - "Asset" Cases
  - Assets Available for Distribution

Chapter 7 Discharge
  - Discharge Can Be Denied
  - Procedure to Deny Discharge
  - Grounds to Revoke Discharge
  - Does Discharge Erase Liens?

Non-Dischargeable Debts
  - Debts Not Wiped Out Requiring No Creditor Action
  - Debts Not Wiped Out But Requiring Creditor Action

Repayment of Debts
  - Procedure to Reaffirm a Debt
  - Can The Debtor Voluntarily Repay a Debt?

Can You Run a Business While In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Written by Henry Rendler

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