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Below is a list of five (5) attorneys (Clarke Coll, Robert Bristol, E. Michael Gomez, Andrew Cloutier and Trey Arvizu) who practice bankruptcy law in Roswell, New Mexico. Their education, location of there practice and phone numbers are included and listed further below.

About Roswell

       Roswell is the county seat of Chaves County. The communities of Artesia, Carlsbad, Refuge, Picaho, Hondo, Tinnie, Mesa, Elkins, Caprock and Tatum are within a two hour drive of Roswell and the law offices listed.

New Mexico Bankruptcy

 Trey ArvizuRoswell, NM
 Robert Bristol      "         "
 Andrew Cloutier      "         "
 Clarke Coll**      "         "
 E. Michael Gomez      "         "


Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice

Trey Arvizu
Education: Undergraduate: Unknown
Graduate School: University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Law School: University of New Mexico School of Law - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Address:Law Office of R. Trey Arvizu
330 N Main
Roswell, NM 88201
Telephone: (575) 527-8600
Practice: Chaves County
New Mexico State Bar - Active member / Date admitted: Unknown


Robert Bristol

Education: Undergraduate School: Unknown
Law School: Dedman School of Law / Southern Methodist University - Dallas, Texas
Address:Law Office of R. Matthew Bristol
105 W 3rd Street # 414
Roswell, NM 88201
Telephone: (575) 625-5284
Fax: (575) 625-5283
Practice: Chaves County
New Mexico State Bar - Active member / Date admitted: Unknown


Andrew Cloutier

Education: Undergraduate School: University of Dallas - Irving, Texas
Law School: University of Texas School of Law - Austin, Texas
Address:Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor & Martin
Andrew J. Cloutier, Attorney at Law
400 Penn Plaza, Suite 700
Roswell, NM 88202
Telephone: (575) 622-6510
Fax: (575) 623-9332
Practice: Chaves County
Texas State Bar - Admitted 1987
New Mexico State Bar - Admitted 1988


Clarke Coll**

Education: Undergraduate School: Baylor University - Waco, Texas
Law School: Regent University School of Law - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Address:Law Firm of Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley
701 West Country Club Road
Roswell, NM 88201
Telephone: (575) 622.5440
Practice: Chapter 7 Trustee - Dept. of Justice / Office of the Trustees / District of New Mexico
Chaves County
Virginia State Bar - Admitted 1989
New Mexico State Bar - Admitted 1991


E. Michael Gomez

Education: Undergraduate School: Unknown
Law School: Unknown
Address:Gomez Law Office
107 S Kentucky Ave
Roswell, NM 88203
Telephone: (575) 623-9448
Fax: (575) 625-9749
Practice: Chaves County
New Mexico State Bar - Active member / Date admitted: Unknown


Certified Specialists

       If two asterisks ** are located after the attorneys name, then he/she is a Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law in the State of New Mexico. The New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization has a Certified Specialist bankruptcy program. It is very similar to the American Board of Certification (Bankruptcy Specialist) program.

       Attorneys who pass as a Certified Specialist are certified under the State of New Mexico Supreme Court in consumer and/or business bankruptcy law. In order for an attorney to be certified in this program, a number of requirements need to be completed. They include a minimum of five years as a licensed practicing attorney, peer evaluation, experience and involvement in the area of specialty and continuous education in the field of bankruptcy.

Written by Jack Garchar


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