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       Eugene has seventeen listed practicing bankruptcy attorneys. Listed with each attorney is a short bio that includes education background and contact number. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court and Office of the U.S. Trustee each have an office located in this city.

About Eugene

       Home of the University of Oregon, Eugene is the county seat and the largest city in Eugene and Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy-Attorney.comLane County. Cites nearby include Springfield, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Coburg, Florence and Blue River.

The Court

       The U.S. Bankruptcy Court (office and courthouse) is located in downtown at the US Bankruptcy Court / District of Oregon, 405 E 8th Ave. #2600. The telephone number is (541) 431-4000. The Chief Bankruptcy Judge is the Hon Frank Alley (bio listed below).

       The 341(a) meeting of creditors is located at the Office of The United States Trustee, Wayne L. Morse Courthouse, 405 East 8th Avenue, Suite 1900, Eugene, OR 97401. To inquire about more information including times and dates call the Eugene office at (541) 465-6330.


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  Hon. Frank Alley Eugene, OR
 Kent Anderson*      "         "
 Gavin Armstrong      "         "
 Keith Boyd      "         "
 John Butler       "         "
 James Caher      "         "
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 Bradley Copeland      "         "

Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice

Chief Judge Frank Alley
Education: Undergraduate School: Wesleyan University
Law School: Seattle University School of Law - Seattle, Washington
Address: Hon Frank R Alley
US Bankruptcy Court
405 East 8th Ave.
Suite 2600
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: (541) 431-4055
Fax: (541) 431-4048
Practice: United States Chief Bankruptcy Judge / District of Oregon - Eugene Bankruptcy Court
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1977

Kent Anderson*
Education: Undergraduate School: University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
Law School: University of Oregon School of Law - Eugene, Oregon
Address:Kent Anderson & Associates
888 West Park Street
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: (541) 683-5100
Fax: (541) 484-1754
Practice: Lane County
Bankruptcy Specialist* - Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1978


Gavin Armstrong

Education: Undergraduate School: University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas
Law School: University of Kansas School of Law - Lawrence, Kansas
Address: Law Offices of Gavin Armstrong
440 E Broadway
Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: (541) 683-6652
Fax: 541 683-9991
Practice: Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1969


Keith Boyd

Education: Undergraduate School: Oregon State University - Corvallis, Oregon
Law School: University of Oregon School of Law - Eugene, Oregon
Address:Muhlheim Boyd Law Firm
Attorney Keith Y. Boyd
88 East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: 541-868-8005
Fax: 541-868-8004
Practice: Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1976


John Butler

Education: Undergraduate School: University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Massachusetts
Law School: University of Oregon School of Law - Eugene, Oregon
Address: Armstrong Law Offices
John Butler, Attorney at Law
440 East Broadway
Suite 100
Eugene OR 97401
Telephone: (541) 683-6652
Fax: (541) 683-9991
Practice: Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 2001


James Caher

Education: Undergraduate School: Niagara University - Lewiston, New York
Law School: Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law - University of Memphis - Memphis, Tennessee
Address: James P Caher
Attorney at Law
767 Willamette Street
Suite 202
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: (541) 465-9095

Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1982
Author: Book - "Personal Bankruptcy Laws for Dummies"
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
Date Published: 2006


Nancy Cary

Education: Undergraduate School: Willamette University - Salem, Oregon
Law School: Willamette University College of Law - Salem, Oregon.
Address: Hershner Hunter
Nancy K. Cary, Attorney at Law
180 East 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: 541-686-8511
Fax: 541-344-2025
Practice: Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1990
Washington State Bar - Admitted 2002


Bradley Copeland

Education: Undergraduate School: University of Delaware - Newark, Delaware
Law School: Lewis & Clark Law School - Portland, Oregon
Address:Law Firm of Arnold Gallagher Percell Roberts & Potter
Bradley S. Copeland, Attorney at Law
800 Willamette Street
Suite 800
Eugene, OR 97440
Telephone: (541) 393-8227
Fax: (541) 484-0536
Practice: Creditors' Rights
Lane County
Oregon State Bar - Admitted 1987

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Bankruptcy Specialist*

       Attorneys listed with an asterisk* (Kent Anderson) are specialists in certain areas of bankruptcy law and are certified by the American Board of Certification (ABC), located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and sponsored by the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Commercial Law League of America. The three areas of certification include the following; Creditors Rights, Business Bankruptcy and Consumer Bankruptcy.

       For more information on this subject, please visit the Bankruptcy Specialist section on the web site.


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