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In the Washington State section, Bankruptcy-Attorney.com has over 660 listed attorneys' (including trustees, judges and law clerks) that practice bankruptcy law. Their offices and location of practice covers 83 towns and cities. Each of the listed communities has names, education (undergraduate and law school attended) and contact information for each practicing attorney. The attorneys are also listed in alphabetical order by last name for your convenience. Also listed is information on consumer and business bankruptcy law including the different chapters, fraud, cost as well as other relevant subjects.

Types of Bankruptcy

      Most common types of bankruptcy are filed under Chapters' 7, 11 and 13. A majority of the attorneys that are listed listed practice, have experience and are knowledgeable in the above three Chapters. In Chapter 12, (more commonly called the fishermen or family farmer Chapter) is not as utilized as 7, 11 and 13. Chapter 9 is for municipalities or other government entities and Chapter 15 is for international bankruptcy cases having assets, debtors, creditors, and other interested parties in multiple countries. View these Chapters as well as the business and consumer section of Bankruptcy-Attorney.com for more information.


The Courts

      The United States Bankruptcy Court in the state of Washington is divided into two districts, the Eastern Washington District and Western Washington District.

  • Eastern Washington District - The main office and courthouse is located in the city of Spokane with another office and courthouse in Yakima. The Chief Bankruptcy Judge is Hon. Frank L. Kurtz and the Clerk of the Court is Beverly A. Benka. The contact number in Spokane is (509) 458-3400. In Yakima the contact number is (509) 576-6100.
  • Western Washington District - The main office and courthouse is located the city Seattle with another office in Tacoma. The Chief Bankruptcy Judge is Hon. Paul B. Snyder and the Clerk of the Court is Mark L. Hatcher. The contact number in the city of Seattle is (206) 370-5200. In Tacoma the contact number is (253) 882-3900. Other court hearings are located in the cities of Marysville, Everett, Vancouver, Port Orchard and Bremerton.

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Trustee Program

      The Washington Bankruptcy Trustee Program under the U.S. Department of Justice has two offices in Washington. One office is located in Seattle (Western Washington District) and the other office is located in Spokane (Eastern Washington District).

  • Seattle Trustee Office - Mark H. Weber is the Assistant United States Trustee for the Western Washington District in Seattle. The main office telephone number is (206) 553-2000. The 341 meetings are located in the cities of Bellingham, Bremerton, Everett, Seattle (2 locations), Tacoma (2 locations) and Vancouver.
  • Spokane Trustee Office - Gary W. Dyer is the Acting Assistant United States Trustee for the Eastern Washington District. The main office telephone number is (509) 353-2999. The 341 Meetings are located in the cities of Spokane, Richland, Moses Lake, Wenatchee and Yakima.

List of Cities

      Listed below are the locations of the cities and towns of practicing bankruptcy attorneys.

Attorneys by Community

List of Counties

      Within this section are the names of attorneys who practice bankruptcy law within the 39 listed counties of Washington State. The attorneys are listed alphabetically in each county. If no practicing bankruptcy attorney is listed within a county and alternative county or city is specified.

Attorneys by County

Bankruptcy Specialist

      The following attorneys are specialists in bankrupty law certified by the American Board of Certification. They can be certified in creditors' rights, business and/or consumer bankruptcy.

  • Greg Dow - Office Location: Richland / Certified in consumer bankruptcy
  • Larry Feinstein - Office Location: Seattle / Certified in business bankruptcy
  • Anthony Grabicki - Office Location: Spokane / Certified in business and consumer bankruptcy
  • Geoffrey Groshong - Office Location: Seattle / Certified in business bankruptcy
  • Cynthia Kuno - Office Location: Bellevue / Certified in business bankruptcy
  • A. Stevens Quigley / Office Location: Seattle / Certified in consumer and business bankruptcy
  • Alan Smith - Office Location: Seattle / Certified in business bankruptcy
  • Marc Stern - Office Location: Seattle / Certified in business bankruptcy
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Types of Bankruptcy

   Chapter 7

       - Asset Liquidation
       - Chapter 7 Discharge
       - Non-dischargeable
       - Repayment of Debts
   Chapter 9
       - The Debtor
       - Filing Chapter 9

       - Jurisdictional Issues

   Chapter 11

       - Debtor in Possession
       - The Examiner
       - Reorganization/Debtor
       - Chapter 11 Trustee
       - Creditors Committee
       - Finances
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       - Selling of Assets
       - Reorganization Plan
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       - Claims
       - Common Plans
       - Payment of Interest
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   Chapter 12
       - Qualifications

       - The Discharge
   Chapter 13

      - Advantages
      - Filing Chapter 13
      - Meeting of Creditors
      - Filing Chapter 13 Plan

      - Creditors' Claims
      - Plan Confirmation
      - Order Confirming Plan

      - Appealing OCP
      - Modifying Plan
      - Defaulting
      - Discharge

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Debt Advice

   Avoiding Bankruptcy

   Debt Consolidation

   Bankruptcy Alternatives

   Life after Bankruptcy

The Court

    US Bankruptcy Courts
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       - Western WA Court

The Trustee

    341 Creditors Meeting

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Selecting an Attorney
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