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       Seven attorneys
in Richland, Washington practice bankruptcy law (chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13). One attorney, Thomas Atwood of the Law Firm Armstrong, Klym, Waite, Atwood & Jameson is listed below. The other six attorneys (Robert G. McMillen, Greg C. Dow, Kris Payne, Leslie Smith, Jan R. Armstrong and Alan Tindell) are listed on the other four pages in this section.


       Each listed profile in includes date of admission to the Washington State Bar and others, address of law office or law firm, education background including undergraduate and law school attended (if known) and contact numbers.

About Richland

       Richland is located in southwestern Washington State in the county of Benton. This city is approximately 76 miles from the United States Bankruptcy Court in Yakima. Cities and towns that are easy driving distance to Richland include Pasco, Prosser (county seat of Benton county), Kennewick, West Richland and Benton City.

341 Meeting

       The 341 meeting room is located in the Richland Federal Building at 825 Jadwin Avenue, Hanford Room #G58, Richland, WA 99352. Contact the US Bankruptcy Court at (509) 372-1100 for more information.

Types of Bankruptcy (Business, Consumer and Municipal)
  • Chapter 7 - Can be filed by individuals, partnerships and corporations. The most common type of bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 9 - Adjustment of debts of a municipality
  • Chapter 11 - Filed by large and small businesses. Individuals filing Chapter 11, are involved in business in some capacity, either as sole proprietors, or as principals of a corporation or partnership
  • Chapter 12 - Adjustment of debts of a family farmer or fisherman
  • Chapter 13 - Available for individuals only, no corporations or partnerships may file
  • Chapter 15 - Bankruptcy, reorganization and insolvency cases that have assets, debtors, creditors, and other interested parties in multiple countries
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 Thomas J. AtwoodRichland, WA

Attorney Name -
Education, Address and Practice

Thomas J. Atwood

Undergraduate School: University of Washington - Seattle, Washington
Law School: Seattle University School of Law - Seattle, Washington


Armstrong, Klym, Waite, Atwood & Jameson Law Firm
660 Swift Blvd.
Suite A
Richland, WA 99352
Telephone: (509) 943-4681
Fax: (509) 946-3949

Practice: Benton County
Washington State Bar - Admitted 1985


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Types of Bankruptcy

 Chapter 7

       - Asset Liquidation
       - Chapter 7 Discharge
       - Non-dischargeable
       - Repayment of Debts
   Chapter 9
       - The Debtor
       - Filing Chapter 9

       - Jurisdictional Issues

   Chapter 11

       - Debtor in Possession
       - The Examiner
       - Reorganization/Debtor
       - Chapter 11 Trustee
       - Creditors Committee
       - Finances
       - Filing Lawsuits
       - Creditors' Rights
       - Dismissal/Conversion
       - Selling of Assets
       - Reorganization Plan
       - Plan Procedures
       - Plan Provisions
       - Claims
       - Common Plans
       - Payment of Interest
       - Chapter 11 Attorney
   Chapter 12
       - Qualifications

       - The Discharge
   Chapter 13

      - Advantages
      - Filing Chapter 13
      - Meeting of Creditors
      - Filing Chapter 13 Plan

      - Creditors' Claims
      - Plan Confirmation
      - Order Confirming Plan

      - Appealing OCP
      - Modifying Plan
      - Defaulting
      - Discharge

   Chapter 15

Debt Advice

   Avoiding Bankruptcy

   Debt Consolidation

   Bankruptcy Alternatives

   Life after Bankruptcy

The Court

    US Bankruptcy Courts
       - Eastern WA Court
       - Western WA Court

The Trustee

    341 Creditors Meeting

       - Eastern WA Trustees
       - Western WA Trustees

Selecting an Attorney
   Attorneys & Bankruptcy
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   Bankruptcy Specialist

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