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       There are over 23,000 practicing attorneys that are active members of the Washington State Bar. Of these attorneys, 600 are listed in this section,as actively practicing bankruptcy law.

Public Services

       As part of a service to the general public, the State Bar has a number of services available. They include a comprehensive lawyer directory, Referral Service and Legal Advice and Filing a Complaint against a lawyer.

Filing a Complaint

       The most common complaints against an attorney are mishandling of money or property, file disputes, errors in judgement and communication problems. To file a complaint against an attorney, first visit the Lawyer Discipline in Washington State Bar web page to see if their are violations of the law and/or grounds for discipline). Contact the Washington State Bar at (206) 727-8207 for more information.


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Referral Service

       As a service, the State Bar and other non-profit organizations have a number of lawyer referral services* available to the general public. No financial eligibility requirements. The attorneys charge their regular fees for services after the initial consultation


Name of Referral*

Southwest Washington Lawyer Referral Service

(360) 695-0599

King County Lawyer Referral Service

(206) 267-7010

Kitsap County Lawyer Referral Service

(360) 373-2426

Lewis County Lawyer Referral Program

(360) 748-0430

Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Lawyer Referral

(253) 383-3432
Snohomish County Bar Referral Service
(425) 388-3018

*Please note that these services are not low-cost or reduced fee programs. Those are seeking free or low cost legal services should visit CLEAR at the Northwest Justice Project. The website has a number of telephone numbers available depending on the location and age status of the individual.


Contact Information

       The Washington State Bar is located in Puget Sound Plaza
at 1325 4th Avenue, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98101. They can be contacted at (206) 727-8240. Their Fax number is (206) 727-8319

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